NY State Purple Martin Project

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NYS Purple Martin Colonies
Data from PRIVATE Owners by Region

Use of this map has been granted by the NYS Ornithological Association


Clicking on one of the 10 regions will take you to a more detailed map of that region.

We hope to include Purple Martin Colonies in Regions 6, 7, and 8. If you are a landlord in one of those regions, please contact us.

As data from other private owners becomes available, it will be added to the regional maps

  • The data provided for each region is graciously shared by those who care for, and maintain, colonies.
  • To provide privacy, the specific locations of these colonies is not provided. Some colony landlords provide background, notes, photos, etc.
  • All NYS Purple Martin Landlords may e-mail photos or short video clips of their colony directly to our web master. They will be considered for inclusion on the colony's site Profile & Data page.

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